30 minute lessons                                 $10/week

30 minute stretch and flex lesson          $5/week

30 minute pointe work lesson                $6/Week

45 minute lessons                                $12/week

60 minute lessons                                $14/week

½ hour private lessons                      $15/week


10% discount for students/families with 3 or more classes.


*All fees must be finalised by the end of each term. Term fees must be paid for regardless of whether the student attends all classes.*


Term 1– Friday 29th January – Saturday 9th April (10 weeks due to Easter)

Term 2– Friday 29th April – Saturday 2nd July (10 weeks)

Term 3– Friday 22nd July- Saturday 24th September (10 weeks)

Term 4– Friday 14th October – Saturday 3rd /10th December (8/9 weeks depending on concert date)